16 03, 2017

5 Practical Things To Do When Facing a Layoff.

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Facing a Lay-Off? Here Are 5 Practical Things To Do You arrive at work to discover that the rumors have become a reality. Your company is downsizing and your position is slated to be eliminated. This can cause a rush of emotions from fear to shock and for some, relief. It’s important that as you [...]

14 08, 2014

Marketing Gone Bad – Mindless Communications Do Damage

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Marketing Gone Bad - Mindless Communications Do  More Damage Than Good.  Early this morning I received an email from a local cardio workout studio celebrating my one year as a customer.   There were a few things wrong with this email. 1. Not a Client I visited this studio once because they advertised a kickboxing class.  [...]

24 03, 2014

Resume & Career Suggestion for Professionals Currently Employed

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Hello Everyone! This is a mini blog post to share a helpful thought on a situation I've witnessed a few times this week.  I've come cross professionals struggling to add strength to their resume because they no longer have access to critical metrics and job performance data. I originally published part of this material as [...]

30 12, 2013

Why No Company Will EVER Hire You Or Buy Your Product

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Yes, this is harsh title.  And no, I haven’t lost my cheery disposition or rosy outlook on life.  I chose the title of this blog with deliberate intention.  Allow me to explain. Boost your influence, customer base, and sales by communicating clearly. My line of work is business writing.  I work with professionals [...]

26 08, 2013

3 Power Tips On Using LinkedIn

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Designed to help professionals connect and advance their careers, LinkedIn is probably the most straightforward Social Network to use. Business owners are using LinkedIn with increasing success to market and grow their businesses.  Job searchers are finding it an invaluable tool to connect with recruiters and hiring managers. Many consider LinkedIn the equivalent of Facebook [...]

11 07, 2013

Does Your Resume Have A Big Ol’ BUT(T)

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As a professional resume designer, I keep in touch with trends in the world of resume writing and every week I review dozens of resumes for strengths and opportunities.  Recently, I reviewed several resumes for very well educated and very well qualified job seekers that weren’t getting calls for interviews. They were starting to feel [...]