February 16, 2022 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Virtual via Zoom
Coach Liz M Lopez

3 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Free Webinar with Coach Liz M. Lopez
February 16, 2022
1:30 to 2:30 PM Eastern

To Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Gig Workers, Coaches, and more…the past 24 months have been challenging. Even before then we had the day-to-day challenges that come from running our own business. It is so joyful to be our own boss, and it can also be a little scary, especially if any of these are true:

– Are you putting your heart and soul into your business and not getting enough clients to make a living?
– Are you getting people to ask about your services, but they don’t buy from you?
– Do you get frustrated (and even scared) trying to figure out how to get a consistent flow of clients that are willing and able to pay your worth?

I understand. In my 14 years as a Coach, I have navigated through these challenges and successfully guided hundreds of clients through them as well. As entrepreneurs, we launch our businesses with so much enthusiasm. We imagine the clients we will serve and the revenue we will bring in. But when the “phone doesn’t ring” or no one buys, we start to second-guess ourselves, wondering if we have the right offer…or if we are good enough.

Every year I speak to hundreds of business owners that are frustrated with their businesses. Over and over again I hear things like “There are no clients” or “I can’t get in front of the right people.”

I am here to tell you that your clients are out there. There ARE people out there able and willing to buy your products and services. I am going to share 3 powerful strategies that were gamechangers for my clients in a free webinar I am offering on Wednesday, February 16th.

Webinar: 3 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Clients

In this free webinar, I will share insights into the process I use to access, attract, and engage my target market. These are the same strategies that have been transformational for my business coaching clients.

– Clarifying & declaring your unique value proposition
– Growing your credibility & visibility
– Creating a clear path to buying

I know what it’s like to feel you have something powerful to give the world, and you just can’t get in front of the right people. That’s why I am excited to share the methods I use to keep my client pipeline full and show you how you can access additional resources. All shared in simple steps within a safe space where you and your questions are welcome and respected.

This event will be live via Zoom. Participation is limited, so please click the link to register and save your spot. Plan on attending live and being interactive during the event to get the most out of the learning I will share. If you cannot attend live, register to get information about a replay. I look forward to seeing you!

Register: https://bit.ly/idealclientswebinar

webinar with coach liz on ideal clients