March 22, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Collaborative Labs
13805 58th Street N
Clearwater FL
$139 / $169
Liz M Lopez & Tracie Thompson
Badass Business Bootcamp with 5 Coaches

Boost Your Influence and Attract More Clients

In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s a whole new Badass Business Bootcamp!  In August 2018 we focused on Social Media, in March 2019 we broaden our horizons to pump-up your skills in Branding Your Message and using Digital Marketing tools that you can use to increase your influence and gain more clients!  As always, our content is specially crafted to be welcoming to beginners while sharing up-level insights for more experienced attendees.

This event starts with getting your mindset pumped-up, overcoming limitations, getting clear on your ideal audience, then learning how to reach them.  We know from studying trends that having a strong presence and voice in the digital world is becoming even more critical to business success.  Yet so many of us are avoiding Digital Marketing because we just can’t figure out where to start.  Who has time to learn a whole new world of marketing.  We understand!  That’s why we created this event, to give you the information you need, in plain English, in one day.

Check out our BADASS Agenda:

Liz M Lopez: Welcome & Get Ready to Dominate!

Liz & Tracie: Suck-It Up Buttercup: Success in the Business World Without Excuses! 

Tracie Thompson: Building Your Digital Marketing Avatar 

Liz M Lopez: Jenn Possick’s Magic of Online Sales Funnels 

Diane Kutz: The Secret Recipe to YouTube Success

Lisa Demmi: The Insider’s Guide to Podcasting 

Power Panel: Putting It All In Action

BOOM! Are you excited yet?

You get the opportunity of registering for what we know will be a sold out, powerhouse event!  Just click below to see the full agenda, then register and you will be a part of the most BADASS Business Event of the Spring!