Job Search and Interview Coaching with Liz M Lopez

As technology grows more prevalent in our daily lives, the process of looking for a job and interviewing with companies is in constant change. Professionals who have been with a company for over three years and have not interviewed in the job market, often find current trends confusing or overwhelming.  Job Search and Interview coaching help you reconnect you with the job market and present yourself as a strong candidate for the roles you want.

My niche is working with executives and professionals who have a fairly well-defined idea of the roles they are targeting and need guidance and accountability to move forward with a specific plan of action. If you are not sure what you want to do next and need career counseling, I have wonderful colleagues who specialize in that type of coaching. It is important to me that you get the exact type of support you need and if that means one of my colleagues is a better match for your needs, then I am happy to connect you.

Job Search and Interview Coaching

I specialize in Evidence-Based Interviewing techniques.  EBI ensures you go into interviews with a high-degree of confidence and ability to tell compelling stories that are memorable and deliver proof of your value and relevance to the role.  I will teach you how to use Situation Action Result & Relevance (SARRs) and Moments of Evidence (MOEs) to make yourself an Irresistible Candidate!

As a result of working with me, clients can start their job search faster and approach interviews with confidence. Often, I coach clients after having professionally designed their Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile. This is not a requirement. However, your job search will not be successful without top-notch Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile. Therefore, if yours are not stellar, I will not be able to work with you until they are updated, whether I do that work, you do it, or someone else does. If you are not sure if your materials are up to current job market standards, that’s okay. I will evaluate them and give you an honest appraisal.

My style of coaching is insightful, supportive, yet also focused and underlined by expecting fierce accountability. I will guide you, answer questions, uncover paths to success, yet you are fully accountable for action and results. How long it takes to find an ideal job varies significantly by industry, role, geographic area, your background, and other factors. While coaching can help you land faster and better, there are no guarantees of specific results within specific timeframes.

You can choose Job Search Coaching, Interview Coaching or both!  Individual sessions and packages are available (see below). I work with clients all over the United States via ZOOM.  You can schedule a 20-minute discovery call by clicking: Schedule a Call with Liz

Job Search Coaching

It can be difficult to know how to focus your job search.  The challenge is that without a specific action plan, you can end up with an inconsistent job search, looking only when you have some extra time or when you are in the mood.  By not having a strategic approach, you will likely miss opportunities, conduct poor due diligence (if any), fail to follow up, etc.

Successful executives and professionals treat their job search like a job or top-priority project.   There is a plan, a schedule, and ideally a un-ignorable source of accountability.  Over the years, I have found that job seekers who are unemployed can get discouraged and lose focus, while job seekers who are working full-time can get busy and distracted.

My role as your Job Search coach is to guide you in creating a customized job search plan that is aligned with your objectives. If you opt for my Accountability Program, then I will also hold you accountable for implementing according to schedule.

Interview Coaching

From time to time I encounter clients who love to interview and have a natural talent for interviewing well. This is rare. Most executives and professionals that I work with have some level of apprehension about the interviewing process. It could be a fear of public speaking, a tendency to freeze when asked questions, or nervousness about how much say or not to say. This can be intensified if there is a part of your work history, like a gap or a termination that you are not sure how to explain.

Preparation is the key to confident interviews. When you feel good about how you look and have practiced answering questions eloquently, you will feel powerful, not intimidated when going to interviews.

My role as your Interview Coach is to give you personalized feedback on your interviewing skills. Together we will resolve weakness and uncover strengths, so you are prepared to deliver a compelling story of your career and qualifications.

My services include single consultations and package options. To explore what works best for you, please review the options below, then use the link to schedule a confidential, no obligation, and complimentary 20-minute phone conversation with me. 

Single Coaching Session

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3-Session Package

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Montly Coaching Programs

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