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Content Creation and Strategies

We develop original marketing content for any size business that needs to reach their target audience.

We’ve helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, and Corporate Leaders develop their brand identity, tell their story honestly, and create a compelling “call-to-action” about their product or service. Whether it’s content for a website, email marketing campaigns, blogs, or a multi-page industry report, we write in a manner that reflects your style and is relevant to your customer base and industry.

Website Content


A professional writer can save you hours of effort and deliver high-quality content that best represents your brand.

In the early internet days, websites were pretty much static online brochures.  Once the design was finished, you loaded your text and images and you were done.

This is no longer the case.  The more effective websites contain professionally crafted content that is strategically designed for connecting with your target audience and supporting your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.  Fresh and interactive messaging gives visitors a reason to return to your website and can elevate your Google ranking.

Write For Your Customers More Than SEO

While making your website visible is critical, it is equally important that your website content be legible.  Writing solely for SEO, with keeping the customer in mind often results in hard to reach almost nonsensical text that turns prospects away from your website.

The key is to engage customers through words by communicating your message, in your voice, in a manner that makes sense…while also incorporating key words and phrases that support your SEO strategy.

The words on your website are important.  The right message creates a strong call-to-action that helps convert website visitors into happy customers.

You Are Responsible For Your Content

Web designers are experts in technical web design, they are not writers!  Some may offer to “give it a shot”, but ultimately, you own the process of providing the web designer with high-quality content to put on your website.

Focus your time on what you do best.  Writing about your own business can be challenging and frustrating.  Especially if you need keep in mind page formats and SEO strategies as you write.  You will better grow your business and generate more revenue by meeting with clients, networking, and making sales while you trust us to create meaningful content for your website.

We have written and edited content for dozens of websites over the years.  We can write effectively and match your voice and brand for any product, service, or industry.  Our process is simple and our services are very affordable.

High Quality Marketing Content

Every sale you make requires words.  If your marketing materials were strictly pictures, without words, it would be very difficult to motivate a sale.  At the very least, you need words to describe your product / service and explain pricing.  At best, the right words elevate you above competitors and get your target market excited about doing business with you.  Whether on your business cards, brochures, sales cards, flyers, banners, print ads, etc., great marketing copy:

  • Represents you and should be in your voice
  • Conveys the value of your product or service
  • Tells the story of your brand and creates trust
  • Is the backbone of your SEO strategy
  • Educates your prospects and motivates them to connect with you
  • Contains a compelling call-to-action that warms a sale

 See our Testimonials, review our pricing below, and Contact Us to discuss your content needs.  We are delighted to be of service.

Pricing for Content Services:

Website content by Liz M Lopez

Is your website content driving sales?


Website Assessments and Website Content Editing

  • Editing Existing Content = start at $399 up to 6 web pages
  • Original Content Writing = start at $499 up to 6 web pages
  • Website Assessment (no editing) = $149 up to 10 web pages, $249 up to web 20 pages

One page = up to 600 words



High quality blog writing services are available as a monthly recurring service with a 3 month minimum commitment.    All content is custom written by native U.S. speakers. Pricing below is for one blog per month, up to 700 words:

  • 3 month package = $499
  • 6 month package = $799
  • 12 month package = $1,499  Best Value!

If you need a single blog post written, please Contact Us  for to discuss your blog project and receive a custom quote.

Marketing Copy

Marketing Materials Content by Liz M Lopez

Your content is your connection to your target market. We make sure your brand is cohesive on all your marketing materials.

All our writing is original content written by U.S. born native speakers.  You retain all rights to the material created for you.  Pricing varies based on the need for research, complexity of subject matter, and turn-around-time.  Projects include one draft with one revision before final copy.

  • Business Letters, Newsletters = start at $125 per page
  • Industry Reports = $399 up to 5 Pages, $699 up to 10 pages
  • Sales  & Rack Cards = start at $125 and vary based on research, complexity, and length of copy
  • Email Marketing Content = start at $145 per email
  • Professional Bios = start at $145 per page (typically only one page, price varies based on need for interview or research)

One page = up to 600 words 

Power Point Design

Audiences know when you have used a generic template. Get a personalized PowerPoint design for your business!

Audiences know when you have used a generic template. Get a personalized PowerPoint design for your business!

All PowerPoint presentations include high-end visuals that set you apart and support your message. Presentations include original design customized to match your brand and appeal to your target audience.

  • Up to 15 Slides = start at $349
  • Up to 25 Slides = start at $529
  • Up to 50 Slides = $999
  • Up to 90 slides = $1499

Slides are created based on your outline of content. Media features such as sourcing images and imbedding videos may carry a premium.