Our team guides Corporate Executives, Professionals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Corporate Groups to establish their brand, communicate their value, and engage their target market.
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Executives, Corporate Professionals, and Business Owners love my coaching programs and the unprecedent, life-changing results they achieve.  As a result of working with me, my clients develop clear plans to target goals, practice fierce accountability, and develop the confidence needed to embrace a whole new level of success.  Corporate professionals and executive leaders benefit from significant career acceleration, while business owners develop the systems and skillsets needed to break barriers in their revenue generation.  Learn more about Career & Executive Coaching, LinkedIn Coaching, or Business Coaching.

I guide Corporate professionals and Executives who are actively job seeking or feeling stuck in their jobs rediscover their strengths, learn how to confidently speak their value, and land a new role that they love and pays their worth.  Clients call me the “Leader Maker” because my process prepared them with a powerful Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile and coaching on having powerful interview conversations. My clients land next-level roles within an average of 4 months with an average salary increase of 25%. I work exclusively with 4 clients per month so I can provide an outstanding experience and make you clearly stand out as a stellar candidate. Book a no-obligation consultation.

Through Speaking and Training, I wow the crowd and ignite audiences by showing them their own potential and creating a clear path to accomplishing their true objectives. Virtual or live, I connect with audiences to provide powerful and practical content that can immediately make a meaningful difference in their career, business, or life.  My speaking spans motivational keynote presentations and technical workshops such as Prospecting Using LinkedIn, Job Search Strategies That Work, Building Your Unique Brand, Permission to Dominate! and much more.  Learn how to engage me as a speaker for your next event. 

Coach Liz M Lopez

Liz M Lopez speaking


Coach Liz is an applauded speaker who ignites audiences through live and virtual keynote presentations, webinars, and training events. Her genuine style builds rapport with audiences and captivates them while she delivers powerful and practical content that can immediately be used to transform careers, businesses, and lives.

Liz M Lopez Career & Business Coach


Coach Liz is a Transformational Career & Business Coach that has ignited careers, turned businesses around, and opened doors to unprecedented abundance for clients for over 13 years.  She guides Executives, Professionals, and Business Owners to shatter mindset, skillset, and accountability barriers and sets up actions plans that when executed with fierce accountability, deliver life-changing results.

linkedin services


A strategically crafted LinkedIn profile can get you seen more, position you as an industry leader, and improve your effectiveness as an influencer. Coach Liz and her team create exceptional profiles that reflect your unique value proposition in a way that attracts engagement from your target audience. Liz has delivered keynote presentations, webinars, and corporate training all over the world, and has coached individuals and teams on powerful LinkedIn strategies that can transform business and career success.

resume services for job search


A poorly constructed resume can cause your job search to stall. Liz works with a limited number of Executives and Corporates Professionals per month to transform careers. Through her custom-designed, modern Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn profiles, Coach Liz opens doors to great opportunities and positions clients to stand out from the competition in the job market.

I just got the job offer with substantially more $ about 10 minutes ago. Thank you! Thank you! You have been amazing. I’m very grateful. I appreciate the time you put into helping me clarify my approach and your ability to weave my story in a way that truly is me. Only someone who listens to really understand can do that. Your coaching on how to get the most out of my marketing strategy has, without question, paid off. See over 75 recommendations on my LinkedIn profile