Resume Effectiveness Review

Investing in a professionally designed resume can save you weeks of searching and even secure more interviews.

As an Executive Career Coach and Elite Resume Designer, I’ve worked with thousands of professionals and executives throughout the United States.  The hardest part is hearing stories of well-qualified candidates who have gone weeks or months without a call from an employer or recruiter. They submit dozens of resumes and applications each month and never hear back or rarely get an interview.

In over 13 years of experience, I have found that the main reason a job search can take a long time, is not poor qualifications. Most candidates are great and ready for their next-level job.  After reviewing thousands of resumes, I have soundly concluded that the main reason great candidates struggle to find a next or better job is simple:  bad resumes.

No one intentionally writes a bad resume, after all most job seekers are not professional writers. Still, the fact remains that if you are not aware of modern resume styles, current trends in job markets, and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) requirements, then your resume is likely to be invisible, no matter how many times you send it to employers and job boards.

Is Your Resume Hurting You?

To help fix this problem of poorly written resumes that can hurt your job search results, I have created an affordable Resume Effectiveness Review, so you can get comprehensive feedback on format and content of your Resume.  This review is NOT automated, instead, I personally review your materials and provide customized feedback.

With the Resume Effectiveness Review, you will learn what is working on your resume and what may be holding you back from securing interviews. If you send me a link to your LinkedIn profile, as a bonus, I will summarize your profile strengths and weakness for you as well. If I find areas of opportunity during your review, I will also include suggestions for improvement and a proposal for resume services that include the cost and the timeline.  Your proposal includes favorable pricing if you book a project within 3 days of your review date.

To Book Your Resume Review:

Let’s start with a conversation. Use the link below to schedule a 20-minute, no-obligation phone conversation with me: 

If we identify areas that need support during your review, I will also provide a proposal for services. I provide job search packages that include a combination of Modern Resume, Custom Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, and Coaching services.  The investment for most projects tends to be between $595 and $2795 depending on your specific needs. Together, these critical job search tools best equip you to success in the U.S. job market.  To provide an outstanding experience, I work exclusively with 4 to 6 resume clients per month.   For more details on how resume projects work, please visit my Resume Design page.