Career & Business Coaching with Coach Liz M Lopez

Coaching is transformational.

Having someone on your side mapping out your goals, talking through challenges, brainstorming solutions, and holding you accountable for consistent action – it’s a powerful process that leads to life-changing results.  I’m thankful to have over 13 years of success working with Business Owners, Corporate Professionals, Mastermind Groups, and C-Suite Executives.

My style of coaching is insightful, supportive, yet also focused and underlined by expecting fierce accountability. I will guide you, answer questions, uncover paths to success, yet you are fully accountable for action and results.

Naturally, this process requires that we place immense trust in each other. I aim to create a safe environment in which clients can feel comfortable sharing business challenges, creating solutions, developing scalable systems, and achieving meaningful goals.

Coaching Programs include:

  • Job Search & Interview Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Career Mastery Coaching (limited availability)
  • Joyful Profitability Business Coaching
  • LinkedIn Coaching

Session packages and monthly programs are available (see example below). I work with clients all over the United States via ZOOM.  The best to start is for us to have a conversation by phone.  I invite you to schedule a 20-minute discovery call by clicking: Schedule a Call with Liz

My services include package options and monthly coaching programs. To explore what works best for you, please use the link below to schedule a confidential, no obligation, and complimentary 20-minute phone conversation with me.