The job market is getting more competitive, but there are still so many opportunities to grow your career. That’s why I’ve made my online course, 5 Steps to Securing a Leadership Role, available at no cost for a limited time. This course is loaded with job market insight and practical steps that have helped hundreds of my clients move into leadership roles.

This course includes:

1. Identifying the Role You Want

2. Doing Your Job Search Research

3. Building and Warming Your Network

4. Focusing on Your Professional Development

5. Preparing For The Job Market

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I’m a Career & Business Coach, Bestselling Author, and International Speaker.

I have been guiding professionals to greater levels of career success for 13 years.

My strength is working with clients to uncover their key skills and career goals, and then using that information to devise a job search plan, create job search tools (Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile), and provide expert coaching as you navigate interviews.

While I can never guarantee individual results, I can share that as a result of working with me, my clients have a better job search experience, get more interviews, and secure a lucrative job that they love.

This free course leverages my 13 years of experience to guide you in accelerating your career. I encourage you to take bold action and please, keep in touch!