September 28, 2022 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
4-Week Course Via Zoom
Coach Liz M Lopez

Update – Class is Closed.  To inquire about one-on-one services, please use the link below to schedule a no-charge discovery call with me:


Interview Mastery – How to Confidently Stand Out in Interviews & Attract Great Job Offers

 Have you ever:

  • Answered a question in an interview and noticed the hiring manager or panel looked confused or bored? 
  • Been asked an interview question and drawn a blank, even though you have several great examples to share? 
  • Struggled to make your background relevant to the job you are applying for?
  • Wondered how to interview for a position that’s a step up from where you are now?

Wondering how to interview for a job that is in a different field than you are qualified for?

You are not alone.

I’ve been an executive Coach for over 15 years, guiding candidates through highly successful job searchers. 

I can tell you that just about everyone struggles to talk about themselves, especially their careers. 

From college grads to seasoned executives, professionals find it hard to determine what to say, identify the line between confidence and bragging, and how to make themselves relevant to a new role.  

That’s why It’s nearly impossible to prep for an interview without: 

Knowing the formula to tell an EXPERT STORY + Getting professional FEEDBACK on your answers. 

This is what I call the Expert Story Formula – A Methodology that Allows you to Stand Out, Be Remembered. and Get more Offers (even when you aren’t sure you’re the best candidate). 

Telling Expert Stories Makes an Offer-Receiving Impact

In today’s job market, powerful storytelling is key to capturing the attention of hiring managers and interview panels.

I will teach you a formula for building a toolbox of “career stories” that will have your interviewer leaning in and wanting to learn more about you. 

A huge mistake candidates make is that they talk about their assigned duties. This comes across as boring and generic. 

Even when candidates stretch themselves to mention achievements, they keep their stories vague and don’t make a connection to the role they want. 

Candidates go to interview after interview, and either get rejected or never hear back at all. This can be discouraging and really erode your confidence. 

Getting Professional Feedback 

Even if you learn my formula – it’s hard to know if your stories are captivating.  If you are adding the right details.  If you are speaking too much or too little. 

That’s why you need feedback. And not just any feedback from a partner or a friend. Feedback from me – a trusted Executive Coach who has helped countless professionals land new jobs and next-level promotions. 

That’s what we Will do Together in Interview Mastery – 4-Weeks to Rocking Your Interviews with the Expert Story Method

I created my Interview Mastery 4-Week Course to teach you the Expert Story Formula + give you valuable feedback on your stories. 

So that you can understand how to formulate your stories + clearly see the details that make your stories SING. 

With this formula, you will frame your achievements and value in a way that impresses recruiters, hiring managers, and hiring panels. 

My Expert Story Method has been transformational for my clients. Even through the worst of the pandemic, my clients were landing amazing new jobs within 4 months and with an average salary increase of 25%. In addition, this new method of storytelling will serve when you:

  •  Present to stakeholders or clients
  • Apply for an internal promotion
  • Have your annual performance review
  • Speak at conferences or events

 And Now, This Expert Story Method is Totally Accessible to You. 

 I know that not everyone can easily make an investment in private coaching. So, I took my best tools and resources, and built this 4-week course to make my unique career storytelling techniques available to more candidates. 

All sessions will be live via Zoom (replays available), and I will teach you how to: 

  •  Find the “wins” in your career, no matter your work history
  • The formula for powerfully answering interview questions 
  • Build an inventory of impressive career stories 
  • How to share your career stories in a way that captivates your audience
  • Roleplay mock interviews so you can overcome nervousness 
  • Answer the dreaded “tell me about you” question 
  • Make your career history relevant to the role you want, even if you are making a career shift. 

And the best part? 

I’m going to be listening to and critiquing stories throughout the course, so you’ll not only get the formula – you’ll be able to understand what makes a truly impactful and memorable interview story.  

Confidence is the key to winning interviews. When you are prepared to answer questions with powerful stories that highlight the best of your career history and qualifications, interviews become a lot less scary. You breathe easier, speak clearer, and connect better. 

 – Imagine going into interviews feeling prepared and confident!

 – Imagine having great answers to all the questions you are asked! 

 – Imagine seeing the excitement on the hiring manager’s face as you share your career stories! 

 A client recently shared:

I made it through 4 rounds of interviews thanks to the methodology you had me practice. I pulled out all my notes and studied. You didn’t know it, but you were the voice in my head those 3 weeks! I truly felt comfortable and found the interviews engaging and even fun…A week ago, I received an offer that included a 30% pay increase, permission to work 100% remote in any US time zone of my choosing, and $50K in stock options.

Register for Interview Mastery!

I love working one-on-one with my clients, but realistically I can only work with some many clients individually per year. With my Interview Mastery course, I can reach more candidates and transform more lives. 

Spend four weeks with me, and you will have a whole new level of skill and confidence to take to interviews. 

Interview Mastery Schedule – How to Confidently Stand Out in Interviews & Attract Great Job Offers

 Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 PM Eastern (plus extra time for Q&A) 

1 – Sept 28th, 2022
2 – Oct 5th, 2022 
3 – Oct 12th, 2022 
4 – Oct 19th, 2022 

 As a BONUS, everyone who registers gets free access to TWO of my online courses:

  • 6 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Resume – learn how to supercharge your resume to stand out from the competition and get more interviews. 
  • 5 Steps to Securing a Leadership Role – learn powerful actions for professionals seeking their first leadership role all the way to executives planning their next C-Suite move.

These courses are available on-demand, and you can complete them all at once, or in stages. They offer great materials to support your successful job search. 

Interview Mastery – Great Value!

 My Interview Mastery course will be a welcoming and interactive environment where you can safely learn how to speak confidently and powerfully of your career.  My Expert Story Method will help you master interviews, and also better communicate your value in your workplace, networking gatherings, and industry events. These are skills that will serve you for the rest of your career. 

My private one-on-one coaching packages range from $2,500 to $7,500, and my clients find that completely worthwhile. Most clients get a full return on their investment in their first two weeks on the new job. 

Yet I understand that not everyone can invest in their careers at that level, so I am offering a unique opportunity to access my coaching at significantly reduced rates. 

There are two levels of registration for the Interview Master 4-Week Group Course

Option 1: Group Course ($397 Early Bird, Regular $495) You get access to all 4 live Zoom sessions with the group, plus, replays, and the BONUS online courses. All in a safe, welcoming environment. 

Option 2: Group Course + Two Private Coaching Sessions! ($1147 Early Bird, Regular $1275) You get access to all 4 live sessions with me, plus, replays, and the BONUS online courses. PLUS, private two sessions with me via Zoom.  Private sessions are 45-minutes long. We will review your story inventory and practice interview questions and stories. I will give you powerful, customized feedback, and you will get a recording of your session.

A New Job Can be Life-Changing 

In my career as a Coach, I have met wonderful professionals who stayed in jobs they hated because they were so afraid of interviewing. Others went through 9 months + of interviews with no results. When they learned my method of career storytelling, everything changed. Their confidence increased, they truly “connected’ in interviews, and most of them ended up evaluating multiple job offers. 

Thank you, Coach Liz! I Interviewed with two companies and received two offers. The one I accepted was the best fit for me & my goals – and a great increase in pay!

To keep this course meaningful and interactive, I am limiting the number of attendees.  I also can only take on a handful of Option 2 participants. If you know that your interview skills are holding you back, I invite you to register now and save your spot for this powerful course. This is the only time I am offering this course in 2022. 

Register now and take advantage of early bird pricing.  

I look forward to meeting you and championing your success! 


Please note – All registrations are final, non-refundable, and non-transferrable. Thank you!