4-Session LinkedIn Success Coaching Program With Liz M Lopez

LinkedIn is powerful tool that when used properly and consistently over time, can connect you to your target market and support growth.  Your profile is the baseline for creating a powerful presence and defining your value.  What you share on LinkedIn can establish you as a key influencer.  Finally, executing your LinkedIn strategy consistently can create a strong pipeline of leads for your business.

Prerequisite:  Your profile must meet my standards for a well constructed and optimized profile.  LinkedIn strategies will not work if your profile is not custom designed for your message and audience. I care about your success and will not book a coaching program that will not get the best results due to a less-than-ideal profile. If your profile needs to be optimized, we will start with a profile project, then move on to coaching.

It is important to understand that this is a coaching program to guide you in developing and executing your own LinkedIn strategies.  I will guide you, but I cannot do the work for you.  You are 100% accountable for your actions and results.  You will be supported, encouraged, educated, and cheered in a fiercely accountable, yet safe space.  We will get a lot of work done and have fun in the process.

This coaching program requires a preliminary Prep Guide to understand your brand and gather your primary business objectives.  It also requires that you practice fierce accountability for assigned tasks between sessions.  All sessions are 50 minutes long for individuals and 75 minutes long for groups and are conducted via Zoom (in-person sessions may be available at a premium depending on your location).  You also have access to me via email to ask questions or celebrate success stories between sessions.

Sessions can be scheduled each week (4-week completion)  or every other week (8-week completion).  You will have access to me via email the whole time we are coaching together. If you have a complex question or need an interim session, these can be scheduled for a pre-set rate.  The steps below outline the typical progress of the coaching program.  However, your specific program may vary depending on your unique strategy and the priorities of your business.  I love to keep my coaching fluid and customized so you get an optimized experience!

Power Session #1:  Your Unique LinkedIn Strategy

  • Quick review on navigating the LinkedIn platform and using the search tools.
  • Gain clarity on your core message and target market.  Build Evidence Statements!
  • Explore strategy and create a custom LinkedIn action plan for you and your business.
  • Identify 2 to 3 categories of priority connections:  Clients, Prospects, Colleagues, Business Network, Strategic Partners, Influencers+
  • Assign first steps in implementing your LinkedIn strategic plan (Yes, there will be homework!)

Power Session #2 – Engaging Your Target Market

  • Review action steps completed from prior session. Understand achievements and collaborate to resolve roadblocks. 
  • Review past activity on social media platforms and identify types of messages your audience likes to consume.
  • Explore the Article Publishing functionality on LinkedIn and develop a plan for your first article.
  • Identify 2 to 3 different types of posts to test on LinkedIn. You will track results for us to discuss in our next session.
  • Assign schedule of posting on LinkedIn in between sessions and additional tasks based on your plan.

Power Session #3 – Becoming a Person of Influence

  • Review action steps completed from prior session. Understand achievements and collaborate to resolve roadblocks.
  • Review post and article results.  Discuss new connections and assess level of engagement.
  • Learn to monitor who has view your profile and how to engage this warm audience.
  • Assign interaction strategies for you to test that align to your action plan and objectives.

Power Session #4 – Converting Connections Into Leads

  • Review action steps completed from prior session. Understand achievements and collaborate to resolve roadblocks.
  • Outline technique for moving interactions outside of LinkedIn and for cultivating a long-term lead pipeline for your business.
  • Analyze results from past three weeks to identify  most successful actions and refine plan accordingly.
  • Put together a 90-day plan for you to continue to build your influence and engage your audience.

Investment: $995.00 Individual Program (monthly investment option is available) 

As a result of working with me, clients are able to elevate their brand on the LinkedIn platform, develop strategies to become an Influencer, and cultivate connections that, over time, can become a thriving pipeline of warm leads.  Please complete the form below and let’s discuss how my LinkedIn Success Coaching Programs can boost your sphere of influence and lead generation.   Once you complete the form, I will be in touch within two business days.  Thank you, and I look forward to championing your success!