Special Offer:  Resume Review & 30-Minute Career Acceleration Session with Liz M Lopez

Thank you for participating in my Dec 11th webinar on Tips for Moving Into a Leadership Role. As promised in the webinar, you have access to a unique opportunity for a resume review and a 30-minute career acceleration phone call with me. I have availability for 2 reviews in December 2019 and 6 reviews in January 2020, however, all projects must be booked by Dec 13th, 2019, when this exclusive offer expires. 

With the Resume Effectiveness Review, you will learn what is working on your resume and what may be holding you back from securing interviews, especially if you are targeting a role with greater accountability and ideally, a generous salary increase. BONUS: If you send me a link to your LinkedIn profile, I will also summarize your LinkedIn profile strengths and weakness for you as well.

If I find areas of opportunity during your review, I will also include suggestions for improvement and a proposal for resume services that includes my strategy for championing you in the workplace, your investment, and the project timeline. If you choose to elevate your career by booking  a project within 7 days of your proposal  date, a $50 credit will be applied to your project. As a result of working with me, my corporate clients typically experience a shorter job search and land a job that they love at a salary that makes them happy.

To Book Your Resume Review & Career Acceleration Conversation:

  • Use the sign up button below to process your review payment
  • Send your current resume and LinkedIn Profile link to Liz@LizMLopez.com
  • Within 1 (one) business day, you will receive a project confirmation via email
  • 2 business days prior to your project start state, you will receive a brief questionnaire to complete online
  • Within 4 business days of completing your questionnaire, you will receive your detailed review.
  • One your review is complete, your career acceleration call will be scheduled – exciting!

Every day I talk to professionals who are undervalued, underpaid, or are simply ready to make the next move in their careers. Recently, a client who had been looking for over  a year on his own, secured a position 2 levels up and at a 40% increase in just three months of working with me. While individual results vary, I can share that by working with me, my clients are more confident, better able to communicate their unique value, and many experience life-changing career acceleration.

Thank you again for being on the webinar.  I look forward to championing your success!


Today I accepted an amazing offer from a company I have admired for years.  But that’s not all. In total, I had 5 job offers to choose from.  ~Senior Portfolio Manager

I  had a recruiter reach out to me complimenting my resume and LinkedIn profile while recruiting me for a Senior Manager Marketing at a 45% increase from my current salary. ~Marketing Leader

Liz M Lopez Career & Business Coach

Special Resume Review Offer

  • Resume Review + 30-Minute Career Acceleration Call
  • Exclusive offer available until Dec 13, 2019

I got the job Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your interview coaching help was worth every penny!!! Thanks for all your help!! ~ IT Manager