Accelerate Your Success – A Workshop Series by Liz M. Lopez

This series of workshop will take place in the Fall on 2014 and will include 5 intensive 2 hour workshop sessions.  You can attend one, or you can attend them all!

These courses are hands-on and interactive with the objective of developing your skills in promoting your business, engaging prospective clients, and closing more sales.  The courses has been designed to ensure that learning turns into action with support in class to work on implementing tools and strategies that may contribute to the growth of your business.

The workshops include training and mentoring by Liz M. Lopez, expert guest speakers, skill-practice and role play sessions, a class workbooks, and constant ideation on the following 5 key areas:Liz M Lopez Learn and Lead

  1. Defining Your Brand and Niche
  2. Identifying and Engaging Your Target Market
  3. Establishing Your Business/Sales Process
  4. Prospecting and Practicing Closing Sales
  5. Cultivating Your Sphere of Influence

When we launch a business, we have such high hopes for success. Sometimes we jump in and make it up as we go along. That’s ok! As soon as you can, make the time to stop and analyze your business. Through these workshops you can deliberately build your business for success.

Workshop Location:  Near Downtown St. Petersburg

Workshop Cost:  $39 to $49 per Workshop, or $199 for the series. (Exact pricing coming soon).

Workshop Dates: Classes will be scheduled from Oct 1st through Dec 15th with consideration given to holidays (exact schedule coming soon).

For more details, contact

Contact Liz@LizMLopez to request additional information about the 5 Steps to Accelerate Your Success.