September 14, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm
Via Zoom Tuesday, September 14, 2021

3 Ways to Boost Your Profit So You Keep More of the Money You Make

  • Are you putting your heart and soul into your business and not making enough money (or any money)?
  • Are you having to put household money into your business to keep it going?
  • Are you making loads of money in your business but can’t figure out where it all goes?

As entrepreneurs we launch our businesses with so much enthusiasm.  We imagine the clients we will serve and the revenue we will bring in.  It’s so exciting to think of being financially free with our businesses bringing in more than enough!

When that doesn’t happen, or doesn’t happen consistently, it’s easy to get discouraged. We start to second-guess ourselves, wondering if we’ve made a mistake, feeling like we just can’t figure out how to make it work. Every year I speak to hundreds of business owners that are frustrated with their businesses. Over and over again I hear things like “I should just get a job” or “I’m exhausted.”

I am here to tell you that it CAN work.  Your business CAN thrive!

There are strategies to making your business profitable. Over the past 14 years, I have coached hundreds of business owners in turning things around.  I love teaching business owners with a solid product and service, how to organize their business systems, their sales process, and their lead generation to achieve something I call Joyful Profitability. This means that you are working reasonable hours in your business, attracting more than enough ideal clients, and you are keeping a lot more of the money you make.

A client recently shared: I followed your guidance and within a few months increased my monthly revenue from $2,000 per month to $12,000 per month. ~K.A.  Teamwork & Leadership Coach

I’ve been in business 14 years. My first step was to conquer how to attract the ideal clients and build more and more revenue each year. Still, I didn’t feel like I had more money and I was working so hard – long, long days. So I read books, I took classes, I went to conferences, and got coaching. I invested in my professional development and I cracked the code. And for the past few years I have operated my business joyfully and very profitably.

Today, it pains me to see business owners struggle. That’s why I love sharing insights and resources to show other business owners that there is a system for working smarter, making more money, and keeping a lot more of that money.

Liz M. Lopez is good at what she does – period. She reached out to me as a fellow coach and I’ve been learning from her ever since. Truly a kind, intentional, intuitive, and grounded professional with a depth and breadth of knowledge to offer. ~ J.C. Executive Consultant 

Webinar: 3 Ways to Boost Your Profit So You Keep More of the Money You Make

In this free webinar, I will share a profound overview of the process I used to transform my business and my life.

  • Setting up your business model to be profitable
  • The secret to a successful sales process
  • The power of attracting your ideal clients

This event will be live via Zoom. I will share the methods I use to keep my business profitable and show you how you can access additional resources.  All in a safe space where you and your questions are welcome and respected.

Join me on Tuesday, September 14th at 6:30 PM eastern for this powerful, free webinar. Participation is limited, so please click the link below to register and save your spot. Plan on attending live and being interactive during the event to get the most out of the learning I will share. I look forward to seeing you!

I can’t thank Liz enough for her support as my career and business coach. When I found myself stuck and afraid with no one to talk to, miraculously I met Liz and hired her to assist in getting my unstuck.  Within 90 days, I acquired and absorbed another business, bought a new office space and added more people to my team. And it was all thanks to the encouragement and help of Liz.  ~R.P. Owner Tax Preparation Company